Summary of Changes to Contract Forms and Mediation Program Brochure

Changes proposed by the SAR Risk Management Committee and approved by the Board of Directors have all been made to the contracts and forms. All three software companies, DotLoop, Instanet, and ZipForms have completed updating our forms library. The contracts will go “live” with all changes on Monday, June 26th. The links below will provide […]

KnowConnection – Topeka Capital-Journal Update

      Susan Cantrell VP of Sales and Marketing, Topeka Capital-Journal will present an overview of the real estate category’s 2016 national media trends focusing on digital advertising and the impact of millennials on the real estate industry. Susan will also be sharing information gathered from the Shawnee Country Market Study surveying readers on where […]

Legal & Ethical Issues Forum

July 25th Noon – 1:00 p.m. Legal and ethical issues were a “hot topic” on the recent member survey. Join Wendy Alkire, KREC Director o Compliance and Vern Jarboe, Association Legal Counsel for answers to your questions. Registration Form